1959 Vintage Sewing Pattern B34 DRESS (R909)


1959 Vintage Sewing Pattern B34 DRESS (R909)


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~ Please Note: You are bidding on a ‘Professional Digitally Reproduced’ copy of this sewing pattern (copied from the original sewing pattern), produced in ‘Full Scale Pattern Pieces’ ready to cut with full instructions included. I have a vast collection of ‘Original Vintage Sewing Patterns’ ranging from the 1930s-to-1980s which are precious to me, so I decided to have copies professionally made to a very high standard by a reputable printing company. Therefore part of my collection of sewing patterns are reproduced to this quality high standard, on 50 gram paper with black ink. This will ensure a much longer lasting effect and easier to be used again and again. Also included with this product is: a plastic bound ‘Booklet’ giving instructions and Illustrations on ‘How to Adjust Your pattern to your Personal Measurement’, ‘Personal Measurement Chart’, ‘Body Form Illustrations’, ‘Note Pages’, ‘Garment History Page’ and ‘Fabric Worksheet’; all to facilitate with your pattern.

~ Circa/Date: 1959

~ Details:  Two style variation DRESS.

The photograph you see in the listing displays a beautiful example of this dress made from this listed pattern, made by one of my experienced dressmaking customers in New Zealand and it shows her friend modelling the dress. She was one of the finalists in Christchurch (New Zealand) Cup Day Best Dressed! And was filmed for television with a New Zealand icon… Colin Mathura-Jeffree (as seen in picture). He is most definitely quite an icon in New Zealand and Fashionista! He is a model and has been on the Versace catwalk! Has been on New Zealand television as a presenter of New Zealand’s Next Top Model… and making a guest appearance on America’s Next Top model. Colin choose this dress for a special award! What a compliment!

Quite a costly dress regarding materials used, but my customer didn’t want to spare any expense with this one. It took approx. 20hours to complete including several fittings. Made from Black Silk Suiting as the outer Lining: Tartan silk (in raspberry pinks, limes, black). Sash also in the tartan. A tulle petticoat was added as well as the sash. It is a beautiful example of a vintage styled garment made from this Vintage Sewing Pattern. It highlights the interesting dramatic results you can get by using stunning quality fabrics and by using a striking contrast to give it that dramatic look. It demonstrates how one can create such lovely vintage styled fashions from those bygone eras.

~ Size/Measurements (Inches)   Size:  14  Bust: 34″  Waist: 26″   Hip: 36″ 

~ Condition: Brand New Reproduced Copy. All pieces present and correct, with full instructions.                                               

~ Any questions please do not hesitate but contact. Thank you for looking. Please see further information below.

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We have recently compiled a booklet.

The BOOKLET is named:

‘A Guide to Adjusting and Altering Vintage Sewing Patterns’

Compiled by ‘The Vintage Pattern Shop’. Over 80 pages, it is a  comprehensive, informative booklet with full illustrations, which takes you through the first positive steps toward perfecting your fitting skills by adjusting and altering Vintage Sewing Patterns. Comes as an A4 Plastic bound booklet. You will learn a logical step-by-step Adjusting, Altering and fitting methods, that will guide you through difficult areas and reinforce what you already know. Understanding the principals and fundamentals of pattern tissue adjustments can be the beginning of a whole new wardrobe of personalized Vintage Fashion. It gives you a further range when purchasing Vintage Sewing Patterns therefore allowing you far more variety in your choice. You have widened your options!

Over the years and from my days of studying ‘fashion Design and Pattern Cutting’ at the London College of Fashion, I have collected on the way from various sources some brilliant information, and have compiled my favorite and most useful bits in this informative booklet to facilitate with your Vintage Sewing Patterns.

Sewing Pattern adjustments are neither difficult nor time consuming once you understand the procedure – and you need only to understand the ones you require. This booklet covers aspects of the body form where most common adjustments are required.

    To view the full ‘Contents List’ detailing exactly what this booklet contains please go to the listing on eBay.

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