Create the designer outfits of your dreams – without the strain on your bank account – with the introduction of vintage Vogue designer sewing patterns. Encapsulating all your favourite designer fashion houses – new and old (including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Bellville Sassoon) – our collection is perfect for every vintage fashion lover.

Even if you’re not a vintage loving seamstress yourself, the gift of vintage Vogue patterns will definitely be seen as a grand gesture to anyone who does share that interest. Whether they’re committed to their craft, or simply love collection fashion related vintage pieces, they’ll understand the wonder of having a slice of Vogue history.

Whether it’s a resort jacket, or a glitzy evening gown, you can find something to incorporate into your modern-day wardrobe from the Vogue patterns here at The Vintage Pattern Shop. The beauty of being able to use modern fabrics and colour palettes means that you can create pieces that won’t look out of place in modern society. It’s all about getting creative and reflecting your own personal style, with that Vogue touch!

Contact us today if you’d like to find out more about procuring a Vogue designer sewing pattern from The Vintage Pattern Company. If there’s something you’d like to get your hands on that you’ve seen elsewhere, be sure to contact us either by picking up the phone or dropping us an email: we’re currently in the process of uploading our extensive collection of over 2,300 vintage patterns onto the website.

Even if you’re not looking for Vogue designer sewing patterns and have something else in mind, be sure to get in touch with us – we love a good catch up about our favourite hobby.