Within recent years, vintage clothing has seen a great revival. However, the eras that tend to be popular are perhaps still closer towards the 21st century. Why not start your own trend by incorporating more period costume pieces into your vintage patterns collection?

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, we offer our customers period costume patterns, which can be used for fancy dress parties, or even incorporated into your everyday wardrobe for those who are true trend-setters, paving the way with new and original ways to wear vintage clothing.

Evoking the Edwardian period, you may opt for a corseted gown, or a two-piece dress. Period costumes are high-impact items, and sewing your own patterns means you can make them in any size of your choosing, tailoring them perfectly to fit you, bespoke to your body shape unlike the uniform styles of the high street shops. Period costumes of bygone eras would be made-to-measure, and made out of quality fabrics.

An antidote to throwaway fashion, you can inspire others to get creative with their scissors and sewing kits. In this section, you can also create costume accessories, as we supply patterns for bags and muffs, along with hats, as well as all the different clothing items.