Want to take your fancy dress game to the next level? With The Vintage Pattern Company’s array of period costume patterns, you can ensure that you’re the only one sporting your chosen outfit at the next fancy dress party in your social calendar. Whether it’s a corseted gown, or a slinky two piece – there’s something for every preferred style of period costume available.

With the freedom of using your own fabrics and colour palettes, you can modernise some of your favourite period styles, perhaps even crafting them into something that can be styled into your everyday wardrobe. For those who like making an impact with their sartorial choices, these period costume patterns are ideal.

Available in a number of sizes, you can end your searching for classic vintage pieces in your size; instead creating your own period costume outfits that are perfectly tailored to your particular shape. This is handy when many period costumes were created made-to-measure, meaning that it may be a struggle to find a good fit.

Even if you are simply a collector, we have so many 1900s vintage patterns that you can be sure to add some beautiful pieces to your collection after a quick peruse of The Vintage Pattern Company’s offering. We keep all our patterns in their best possible condition, meaning that you can cherish them for decades to come – passing them down to your own children.

Contact us today here at The Vintage Pattern Company, where we can work with you to find the ideal period costume patterns for your individual requirements. Our costume patterns can also be incredibly useful if you’re working on set for a play or a film, allowing you to accurately recreate vintage styles with ease and without breaking the bank.