1990s Patterns began life as a reaction to the bolder styles of the 1980s. 1990s fashion became more understated and subdued, and its charm lay in the way it highlighted the person wearing it rather than the fashion itself.  As opposed to dramatically changing the shape of the wearer, it kept things simpler. The well-known wardrobe must-have, the little black dress, had its hay day in the 90’s and was seen regularly on the catwalk and in the television and music world.

The grunge scene kicked off the 1990s with flannel shirts, ripped jeans and combat trousers.  This was what predominated the casual look of both men and women until the mid-90’s when more tailored looks came into fashion.

Supermodels really had a big influence during this time.  Well-known names such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer demonstrated to the world the newest fashion created by industry of the time.  Their fame and influence superseded the usual influence that movie stars had in previous decades and had an enormous impact on the 1990s vintage sewing patterns. In fact, a lot of these models then ventured into the movie world starring in films such as Richie Rich.

Leggings and clothing were still influenced by exercise wear that had been popular in the 80s.  Track suits and jogging bottoms were often worn by people in the UK during the everyday routine. Tailored suits and pencil skirts were generally worn in the workplace and still featured the shoulder pads that began life in the previous decade.  Culottes were also a well-known fashion item of the day, mixing a feminine floaty look with the desire to wear more practical items such as trousers.

The Vintage Pattern Shop offers you 1990s Patterns and 1990s sewing patterns for clothing that you can make at home, revisiting some of the iconic fashions of the past.