Here you will find all of the fun and glamour of the 1970s in our collection of women’s tops and blouses.  The 1970s was a time of promoting femininity in a way that highlighted the women’s capabilities without taking away their rights.  Sensual and alluring clothing depicted and highlighted the unique shape and fashion style of the female figure.  Using the tool of fashion, ideas have been challenged, limitations have been broached, and the beauty associated with gender has been enhanced.

The 1970s blouse patterns available here at The Vintage Pattern Shop are varied.  They range from the formal, delicate evening wear to the styles associated with summer fun such as halter neck blouses and off the shoulder tops, tie front and crop tops.  The 1970s patterns for blouses also include buttoned shirt blouses with the feminine tailored look and floaty tops associated with the hippy era still prevalent in the 1970s.

1970s patterns for aprons where a lot more practical than pattern designs and creations from before that time.  The design and style have a lot more potential for fun designs and interesting patterned materials.  Of course, the main appeal of a 1970s Apron Pattern is the practicality of a garment that was primarily designed to protect the more stylish and beautiful clothing worn underneath, rather than to adorn the wearer as an accessory or extra.

As you peruse our 1970s Vintage Blouse Sewing Patterns and 1970s Patterns for Tops, be sure to take a look at the fabulous hot pants, skirts and bell-bottomed trousers that look fantastic paired with these items.

If you are interested in any particular vintage styles of the 1970s and you cannot find it here, be sure to contact us for more information and we may be able to advise you or find something as our stock continues to expand.