High neck blouses and turtleneck tops, pullovers and peter pan collars are the styles that predominated the 1960s choice of patterns for tops, shirts and 1960s Blouse Sewing Patterns available now to you from The Vintage Pattern Shop.

New daring, liberated clothing came into existence in the 1960s, and although 1960s patterns for blouses where generally more restrained, being worn primarily in the office or as a more formal look, they helped pave the way for the modern woman to empower herself and continue into the working world. The wrapped blouse top 1960s blouse pattern is a classic example of this type of clothing.

The early 1960s styles followed on from the choices and styles of the 1950s, but as the decade moved forward, and influenced by a fast-changing world, new radical ideas and thoughts were being explored and this inevitably affected the fashion of the decade.  The television opened your home up to explore new horizons and fashions.  Icons such as Jackie Kennedy, and fashion designers such as Mary Quant had an influence like never before, bringing about the mini skirt and bikini.  In with our 1960s vintage blouse sewing patterns, you may find beach wear tops that can be paired with bikini styles of the day.

The Vintage Pattern Shop has an excellent selection of 1960s patterns for tops, 1960s blouse patterns, and 1960s patterns for aprons available in our ever-changing shop.  When you look at this page, you may notice that although the pattern is for the top, blouse or 1960s Apron Pattern they are shown paired with an excellent choice of 1960s pants, dress, and suits.  Feel free to check out the 1960s page for pants, skirts and seperates, to find the ideal match to your 1960s Sewing Pattern for tops.