1960s Dress Patterns

The fashion era of the 1960s saw the birth of many new and diverse trends.  Fashion designers were not only to meet the needs of the rich and famous, the leaders and icons, but primarily they looked to the younger generations for inspiration and direction. For example, feminism, and teen culture saw the invention of the famous 1960s womens dresses derived from the mini skirt, and is so loved that the mini dress has remained to this day. In fact, Mary Quant, the fashion designer of the mini skirt stated that the whole point of fashion is that it should be available for everyone.  This look, along with go-go boots, looks absolutely iconic and is a popular choice when attending 1960’s parties.

Collars and cuffs as well as patch pockets contrasted with the pattern or colour of the 1960s Dress Patterns.  The most popular dresses available in the Vintage Dress Patterns from the 1960s are the one-piece dresses, such as shift dress, tunic dress and mondrian dress, that from around 1963 did away with the traditional waist line, and went from strength to strength throughout the remaining 60’s.  Baby doll style was also a result of the 60’s fashion era, and allowed for the same freedom of movement as the shift dress, being not limited to stick thin women but versatile for all shapes and sizes.

Although fashion was extending its range and scope, with new patterns and new colours influenced by social movements of the time, the fashion icons of the day still had their input.  People such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, and the supermodel Twiggy heavily influenced the more modern, yet sophisticated womanly dress patterns 1960s style.

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