Hats & Accessories

During the 1950s hats, gloves and scarves were a more commonly worn item.  When exiting the house, it was customary to make sure you had all of your accessories with you to complete your look.  And there is no doubt that this look still expresses a smartness and readiness for what the day holds.  It also has the ability to make a rather basic outfit look smart and dolled up. Although hats are often seen today more as a practical clothing item, unless attending a wedding or at a racing event, in the 1950’s it was a more common item worn by women.  If you are looking for hat patterns from the 1950s, take a look at the matching scalves and gloves, to pull your look together and give it a touch of glamour.

Here at The Vintage Pattern shop you will see memorable 1950s Vintage Hat Patterns such as the revival of the Edwardian styled hats, which became popular due to the release of the musical My Fair Lady, and the Juliette hats which, rather than covering up the head, were worn to support the beautiful hairstyles worn with these 1950s Hat Patterns.  A hat can frame the face, adorn the hair and be as practical or as flamboyant as you like.  Add that together with some well-matched accessories and can add class to any look you choose.

These 1950s Vintage Accessories Patterns will look great with all of the other 1950’s dress, blouse and pants patterns available at The Vintage Pattern Shop for you to own and make again and again in any fabric you choose. Nonetheless, the best thing about owning the 1950s Hat Pattern is that you can create it to be just your own and match any of the items you already have in your wardrobe.