The 1950s were a time of optimism after war, full of a greater emphasis on enjoying leisure activities and, of course, glamorous, colourful and distinctive clothing. Here at the Vintage Pattern Shop we are delighted to help you access the cheeriness of the era too through our excellent selection of 1950s sewing patterns ideal for giving your wardrobe some sunshine.

We are constantly looking to expand our stock of 1950s patterns, which comprehensively covers every type of garment you might wish for. You might be looking for a design for one of the decade’s iconic short sleeved blouses, a polka dot dress, or a flowing floral skirt, or something from the late 50s’ longer, slimmer look.

We can even provide patterns for the increasingly liberal swimwear of the era and nightwear such as dainty petticoats. Whatever type of clothing you’re after, you’re likely to find it hidden somewhere within our range.

Our 1950s patterns are recreated from reputable fashion publications at the time such as the iconic magazine Vogue, along with other contemporary Western publications. As we reproduce all our patterns to full scale at an extremely high quality, you can be sure that the pattern you receive from us will be just as vivid and bright as it would have been in the movies at the time.

While we are confident in our having as large a variety of 1950s sewing patterns as anyone would need, you may somehow find that we don’t have the particular design that you are looking to recreate. If so, please let us know and we will do our very best to provide you with a suitable alternative which fits the brief you are looking for. We are also very happy to try to acquire a pattern which you know exists and is available elsewhere.