Hats & Accessories

Often overlooked nowadays as an extra, hats and accessories were an important part of the 1940s fashion world.  Hats add a sense of confidence, orderliness and respectability, but at the same time, they are charming, feminine and stylish.

Accessories such as a brooch, scarf, gloves, muff or bag add that extra something that can make an otherwise drab, mismatched outfit look perfect together.

1940s Vintage Hat Patterns 

The hats worn in the 1940s ranged from the more structured and ornate fascinators to the looser and popular beret.

Netting commonly adorned the hats worn in the 1940s and is listed as a material in a lot of similar patterns on the website dating from that era.

1940’s Gloves, Muffs and Bags 

These 1940s vintage accessories patterns, finish the look of a lot of the dresses, coats and suits of the time.  Without these iconic items, some vintage wear can look lost or incomplete.

1940s Scarves and Turbans 

In order for the tresses of a wartime working girl to be kept out of the way, while at the same time neat and pretty, scarves were often worn in the hair tied up in a bow that was worn in many different styles and arrangements.

To complete your look The Vintage Pattern Shop invites you to survey the choice and contents of our 1940s hats and accessories.  We often find some new and unique items that we place on the page when updating our website, so be sure to check in regularly for more choice in this category.