1930s Printed fabrics

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we have a section especially devoted to vintage printed fabrics, and this category is dedicated to those from the 1930s.

Whilst the 1920s had been a popular time for prints, it wasn’t until the 1930s that we saw the use of so many prints for all types of dresses, rather than restricted to house dresses. This was thanks to the advancements within textile printing, which meant that most fabrics could now be printed on.

Floral prints were in vogue during the ‘30s, with the flowers becoming larger throughout the decade up to around 3 inches. Other favourites included geometric patterns like diamonds and squares, as well as polka dots. The latter are arguably timeless, but during the 1930s you would mostly find them on accessories like scarves and gloves, usually including white dots or background.

Plaid patterns would be small with no more than three colours, and checks and windowpane were made with white and one other colour. To the other extreme, paisley prints were made with limitless colours. At The Vintage Pattern Shop, you can use these printed fabrics to create all kinds of clothes straight from the 1930s.