1970s Knitting Patterns

The 1970s have been said to be one of the most overlooked eras of fashion.  When we consider some of the iconic knitwear fashions of the decades, we should take a good serious look at the choice and styles of vintage knitting patterns, 1970’s fashion has to offer.

Fashion of the 70’s embraced a natural look that was first awakened during the 1960s when fashion was heavily influenced by other cultures.  Many of the fashions evoked a connection with the earth and nature, producing a more rustic, textured look, all of which lent itself to the art and styles connected to knitting patterns.  1970s styles liked to use colour and patterns to give the feel of a handcrafted natural look.  Fringes on ponchos, headbands and scarves that employed the use of natural beads and feathers for decoration, and crocheted overcoats where all the rage.

Even in other parts of society that preferred a more subdued version of current fashion trends in the 1970s, knitting patterns were still a popular choice.  1970s fashion loved the his and hers matching outfits craze, whereby the whole family could have a matching sweater, cardigan or twin set.  Just think of The Brady Bunch, a popular sitcom in the 1970s depicting a stereotypical 70s family.  Even now we can see them in our minds eye wearing their earthy toned flares, stripped patterned tank top 1970s knitting patterns, and large collared blouses.  All of these styles evoked a sense of tribal and ethnic culture, tempered and shaped by the western world of fashion.

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we work hard to bring you plenty of choice of vintage knitting patterns, from all the eras of fashion.  1970s knitting patterns are no exception.  We love to add to our collection of vintage knitting patterns, and the 1970s knitwear fashion thankfully keeps making a glorious comeback.  Contact us for additional information.

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