1950s Knitting Patterns

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we have a section specially dedicated to knitting patterns, and this category is dedicated to those from the 1950s. It happened to be that home knitting increased in popularity in the 1950s, with domestic knitters able to choose from lots of colours and patterns.

During the 1950s, twinsets were very popular with women, and now you can recreate the fashion with our 50s knitting patterns. They were considered a staple item in any woman’s wardrobe due to their versatility, and their popularity spanned across generations. It could be worn conservatively in a classic, loose style, or more fashionable when worn with a tighter fit.

Additionally, 1950s vintage knitting patterns allude to the classic Chanel knitted suit. This gives the wearer instant-chic and sex-appeal. On the other hand, more casual sports knitwear also became fashionable, coming from an Italian influence.

Fabrics used for knitted garments in the 1950s tended to be those of man-made modern fibres to make crisp and modern styles, that was also easy to wash and practical as well as stylish.

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, you will find knitting patterns for cardigans, jumpers, short-sleeved tops, dresses and jackets straight from the 1950s.