1940s Knitting Patterns

The 1940s was a turbulent time when knitting materials were in short supply and once again the government was calling upon everyone to knit for the troops and military forces engaged in wartime.  Slogans such as ‘Knit Your Bit’ and ‘Make Do and Mend’ where all used to remind the people of the time to value what they had, and appreciate and supply what others needed.

However, 40s Knitting Patterns were still being created and produced.  But rather than buying new supplies and yarn to create new patterns, old garments that were damaged were subsequently unravelled and the yarn was then re-used and knitted into something different.  That way, conscientious recycling of old clothing was recreated and reformed into fresh 1940s Knitting Patterns.

Patterns may have been the creation of individuals with the ability to adapt patterns and upgrade styles that suited the times, rather than the mass production of magazine companies or fashion houses, as funds were sometimes short, and literature distribution often suffered.

The Vintage Knitting patterns, 1940s magazines issued and produced tended to be items of clothing that could be worn by the army and navy in winter times.  This endeavour, not only helped those on the front line keep warm and brought them the comfort of knowing people cared about them and they were not forgotten, but it gave those left behind a sense of purpose and usefulness as they contributed to the war effort.

The Vintage Pattern Shop are delighted to provide our customers with these historical pieces from a time that saw hardship, but still delighted in creativity and resourcefulness.  When you find you have some time free, vintage knitting patterns, 1940s style, are a great choice out of all of the knitting patterns that are available from our website.

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