Vintage Sewing Patterns – Unlocking Fashion Trends from the Past

What are Vintage Sewing Patterns and How to Choose the Perfect One  Vintage sewing patterns are a timeless treasure for fashion enthusiasts and DIYers alike. Whether you’re looking to recreate classic retro looks or add a touch of vintage charm to your wardrobe, vintage sewing patterns are the perfect place to start. With a wide variety of vintage fashion trends to choose from, the selection process can be overwhelming. To ensure you choose the perfect vintage sewing pattern, consider your [...]


Sewing Patterns For Sale

Where to Get Your Sewing Patterns Sewing patterns are a way to make it easier for you to create the clothes that you want. They are a guide that tells you what to do and how to do it. Patterns can be purchased, or they can be acquired for free. If you sew, then sewing patterns will make your life easier. A sewing pattern is a paper pattern which is used as an outline for the construction of clothing and other [...]

Traditional sewing patterns

Vintage Clothing Patterns

Vintage sewing patterns are more than just a trend and they are an important part of our history and culture. They have been around for hundreds of years and they continue to be popular today. If you are interested in sewing, you should consider buying vintage & traditional sewing patterns as we provide some of the best quality and most interesting designs that you will find. Vintage sewing patterns are sometimes referred to as collectables since they are a [...]

Sewing by hand

Sewing Without a Machine

Sewing clothes on your own is not a new thing. Sewing clothes by hand has been done for centuries, and it is still being done today. The only difference is that now we have sewing machines to make the process easier and faster. The sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Walter Hunt, but it wasn’t until 1857 that Elias Howe patented a design that would make the sewing machine more efficient. But sewing by hand is a fun and [...]

Children's Vintage Sewing Patterns

Our Children’s Sewing Patterns

Vintage fashions are not just for adults. Young styles were just as exciting and fun to wear. So, if you’re looking for some old-fashioned fun with your little one or a new project, take a look at our sweet vintage children’s sewing patterns. We have a wide range of everyday wear and dress-up designs that can be worn for play or fun with friends. In addition, our vintage baby and child range comes in various sizes for all age groups, [...]


“Make Do and Mend” – How War Time Created a Boom in the Fashion & Sewing Industry

“Make Do and Mend” – How War Time Created a Boom in the Fashion & Sewing Industry It was a time for rationing, and fashion was no exception. During the Second World War, people were forced to ration food, clothing, and everyday necessities. With only 66 coupons per year for clothing, fashion became a costly luxury, often each item requiring a high number of coupons to purchase. It was easy to become disheartened by the lack of resources. As coupon [...]


How to Follow a Sewing Pattern

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we share our passion for vintage clothing, offering the ability to reproduce authentic vintage pieces with original vintage sewing patterns and textiles. It can take years to become an expert seamstress or tailor and, in many social realms, creating a garment is a work of art. Fabric is a versatile creative medium to work with, offering endless possibilities and a unique form of self-expression – whether worn by the designer, client, or consumer. Sewing [...]


A Decade of Extremes – Fabrics of the 1940s

By shopping at The Vintage Pattern Shop you can own a piece of the past with a vintage dress, a vintage blouse, or even a vintage apron.  These beautiful items have been passed down to us in a form or state that means they will never wear out or get old.  We have these items in pattern format, meaning that they can be created to the exact measurements and specifications that the designer originally intended, again and again.  Beautifully [...]


Sew in Woven Labels – Our Support of Creativity

So far, 2020 has been, for many, an unusual year.  It has been a year of change, a year of solidarity and a year of making do with, and treasuring, what we have.  People, all around the world, have embraced the opportunity to be creative and learn something new to be proud of.  They are rightly proud, not just because they have learned new skills, or produced something new, but because they have taken a potentially difficult situation and [...]


The History of Vintage Sewing Patterns

History, is the collection of events and actions that spans across a number of years, and continues to have a direct bearing on where we are, and who we are today.  For example, the clothing worn by someone from one country can differ greatly from the code and style of dress worn by another.  These fashions, and clothing styles can be as a direct result of their own individual culture and past.  Traditional dress is usually called so, due [...]