1960s Vintage Sewing Patterns

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The Perks of Using Vintage Sewing Patterns

Years ago, the only way to get your hands on vintage sewing patterns was to go to old bookstores or try your luck at garage sales. With the growing popularity of everything old-school, it’s now easier than ever to find antique patterns. Sewing with the authentic vintage pattern is a delightful experience and a great approach to reconstructing the past’s distinctive details and flattering patterns. They do, however, appear and read very differently than the commercial patterns we use today. As [...]

1960s Vintage Fashion

1960s – The decade that broke the fashion rules!

The Vintage Patterns Shop love the history of fashion and as we look at the 1960s vintage sewing patterns, we will see an era that really pushed and influenced new fashions and new ideas.  Popular culture, such as music, film and television where there for all to see like never before. The previous decade had seen the television become a standard everyday item in people’s homes, and as a result, 1960s sewing Patterns 1960 fabric patterns was influenced by [...]

Fashion Trends from the 1960s

Fashion Trends from the 1960s, Today

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we’ve previously offered a history of fashion in the 1960s and shown you the range of patterns we have available for this decade. Today we’re going to highlight some of the key trends you might see this summer that takes inspiration from the swinging sixties. Pleats and Pockets It almost goes without saying that you can expect mini-skirts and A-line dresses, but for a true 1960s’ look, you’ll want to employ some pleats or pockets [...]

1960s: Kings Road, London

Vintage Sewing Patterns: 1960s Revival

Fashion in the 1960s very much reflected the social justice movements that were happening at the time, breaking out of many previous fashion trends. Whilst the early 1960s were more conservative and classic in their style and design, they later became the precise opposite. Bright colours and psychedelic tie-dye swirls were all the rage, with flowing fabrics such as tunics and capes becoming popular. It was the age of the mini-skirt and women’s liberation meant more freedom with clothes [...]