Author - Hannah Greenwood

The History of Vintage Sewing Patterns

History, is the collection of events and actions that spans across a number of years, and continues to have a direct bearing on where we are, and who we are today.  For example, the clothing worn by someone from one country can differ greatly from the code and style of dress worn by another.  These fashions, and clothing styles can be as a direct result of their own individual culture and past.  Traditional dress is usually called so, due [...]


Giving Your Vintage Garment an Identity

Since The Vintage Pattern Shop opened its new virtual online doors in 2017 it has seen many iconic fashions and amazing vintage clothing and products pass through our webpages to your shopping baskets and sewing machines, and ultimately your homes and wardrobes. Since The Vintage Pattern Shop first began its journey we have steadily become the largest company to stock and sell vintage patterns to all fellow lovers of fashion and fashion history. In 2018 it was, therefore, [...]


1950s Knitting Patterns

Although it seems knitting has and always will have its place in the history books, providing generations with beautiful vintage knitting patterns, the 50s knitting patterns available at The Vintage Pattern Shop have stemmed from an era when knitting was more popular than ever. The previous decade had seen war time make new styles and colour scarce, and knitting was more of a necessity.  However, in the 1950s people craved change and a need to mark the times with brighter, [...]


Vintage Knitting Patterns

Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop fashion is our passion. A catalogued history of fashion allows us, not just to see the styles and patterns of yesteryear, but to continue to create and wear these beautifully crafted garments. The art of knitting has always encouraged us to create and make clothing for ourselves and this is at the heart of what we love to do. Here we have a section on our website dedicated to providing you with a choice [...]


Vintage Sewing Patterns – Newly Listed

At The Vintage Pattern Shop, in the pursuit of finding our fashion loving customers the most beautiful vintage patterns, we have an ever changing collection available. We know that sometimes you may be looking for specific vintage patterns for sale. We have therefore created a brand-new page to bring to your attention all of the newly listed vintage sewing patterns for sale on our website. The pursuit of fashion, new and old creates an obsession all of its own.  Even [...]

Sybil Connolly

Sybil Connolly, Irish Designer – A Career ‘That Linen Built’

Sybil Connolly has been rightly credited with putting Irish fashion on the map as her designs travelled the globe and made waves in the fashion world.  Her most famous creation was The First Love dress.  Made from what seemed to be her favourite material to work with, pleated handkerchief linen, it held within its elegant and ethereal length, over five thousand pleats.  This piece simply wowed the fashion world and was described by Time magazine as “the dress that [...]


All About 1950s’ Printed Fabrics

When creating a look from the 1950s, it is not just the pattern that you ned to consider, but also the typical printed fabrics that were used at the time. Today we will briefly touch on the fabrics you could use to create authentic 1950s-inspired designs, whilst focussing on the different prints that were popular throughout the era. Such prints included polka dots, plaid, gingham, abstract print, floral print, and Hawaiian print. Polka Dots Polka dots have been considered a staple [...]


All About Our 1940s Printed Fabrics

During the 1940s, you will find popular prints include many varieties that were also commonly found within other decades of vintage inspired fashion. Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of printed fabrics from the 1940s. Today we’re going to look at five key printed fabric types, including polka dots, plaid, stripes, checks and florals. Polka Dots Polka dots are the go-to print when wanting to create a vintage-inspired outfit, remaining extremely [...]

1930s Printed Fabrics

All About 1930s Printed Fabrics

Throughout recent years, we often see a revival of fashions from decades gone by, and although the 1930s may emerge again within the next few years, it is often a forgotten era. The best way to be able to wear 1930s-style fashion is to sew it yourself. Here at The Vintage Pattern Shop, we can provide the first steps to doing it, by selling patterns and fabrics from the 1930s to get you going. Today we’re going to focus [...]

1950s Vintage Knitting Pattern

All About our 1950s Vintage Knitting Pattern

During the 1950s, it was usual for people in general to knit their clothes by hand. In this era, clothing was made to stand the test of time. Rather than disposing of items with holes, people would knit them back up, or unpick them to knit into something new. If you make the choice to knit your own clothing these days, you see the true worth of the garments you make, helarding against the throwaway fashion culture created by [...]